Wall Cladding

Wall systems are both an important and aesthetic part of the building envelope system of any building. Taking the brunt of whatever mother nature has to offer in a constantly changing weather environment, it is important to choose with right exterior cladding and finishing's for your project. Not only do these systems have amazing curb appeal and aesthetics, but they also have a long lifespan ,making these systems the go to for almost all commercial and residential projects.

Proboard Steel Panels

Proboard steel panels are a wood grain feature siding product developed to replicate typical cedar siding, engineered as an interlocking system. Available in 24-gauge steel only, these panels are meant to stand the test of time, have low maintenance, and look fantastic. Available in many different colour options we can match your project to have the perfect contrast and aesthetic you desire.

Aluminum Composite Metal Panels (ACMP)

Aluminum Composite Panels are a durable, maintenance-free and cost effective building material. Not only do they possess aesthetically pleasing qualities , but they are also very light weight and versatile to many climates, warm or cold. Developed as a concealed fastener system, they are virtually seamless applications, and we can offer a wide array of colour contrasts and designs to match the desired look of your project.

Insulated Wall Assemblies (IMP Panels)

Insulated Wall assemblies offer a diverse building envelope solution as they not only offer R-value and fire resistance properties, but they also act as a vapour barrier as per the design of the insulated panel. With endless colour options and panel designs, these systems are the ideal system for developers looking to meet all demands of building envelope at a cost effective solution.

Steel Siding

Steel siding is an outstanding product for both residential and commercial new construction or restoration projects. Due to the durability, light weight, and longevity of these products, they are a high performance installation that require no maintenance.  Available in vertical or horizontal siding, with gauges from 22 gauge - 26 gauge, we can offer a variety of profiles to meet the desired outcome of look and aesthetics for your project.

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